Four winds




Glad you’ve arrived –

Not a minute too late!


Look at you:

Waltzing in

Flitting about

Skirting the crowd

Twirling for all to see.



Is that you?

Titillating sails

Winking at waves

Flirting with flags

Refreshing to all.



And now you’re gone,

As fast as you came.

Fluky damsel!

Are you really

‘A breath of fresh air’?




Bellows fan Satan’s pyre

engorging the limp land

flaming prongs that

pierce Life.


Acrid, blackened sky

maelstrom of eucalypt burn

couple with Death’s crackle:

A bush holocaust.


Helicopters hover

like giant dragonflies

above a scarlet pool


the inextinguishable.


Ashen faces face

the Devil’s inferno

emboldened only

by their past.


And people wait

at their gate:

‘Will it slow?

Or will we go?’


Blow out, evil wind!

…I beg you.




Blustering in from Antarctic climes

Whitecaps on a simmering sea

Boats scuttle to safety

Like mice to holes



In winter: harbinger of colder times

Overcoats and beanies

Frosted ground

Land and Man



In summer: waking back porch chimes

Cooling frayed tempers

Turning bush fires






Watery wind

blowing from o’er the foam

Syphoning Life

from the oceans you roam.


Maritime mother

drawing us to your breast

Suckling the Land

with moisture on request.


Damp day

sky and sea

coalesce into grey.


The Love Song of a Little Leech




And here I lie on the ground,

Just waiting to be found,

Thousands of teeth at the ready,

In a slither of mucous jelly.


Hey, there’s no need for fright,

You really will love my bite,

I’m only a swipp’ry little sucker,

With one big, slobbery pucker!


So please keep coming – I won’t hurt,

Like Dracula, I just want to flirt,

Only a little blood will do,

Oh…I’m now so stuck on you!

The Pizza Man



My wind was a torrent of darkness inside my hungry gut,

My face was a ghastly turquoise: I’d been really in a rut,

My order had been misplaced when I’d phoned an hour before,

And the pizza man came running-


The pizza man came running, up to my open door.


He had a large case under his armpit; a look of concern on his face,

I had a mouth that was drooling like a hound that just won a race,

I waited with great anticipation as I paid the man the bill,

And how I longed for that Hawaiian Pizza,

That juicy Hawaiian Pizza,

Oh no, it’s a Meat Lovers; hey, but I’ll still eat my fill!


(Author’s note: Apologies to Alfred J. Noyes for the take on his poem ‘The Highwayman’)





I think I will get a tattoo, or two,

Of you

Or a sleave with some serious ink,

In pink

May be something in words so felt,

Not misspelt

I’ll get them all over, even near the ear,

No fear

Looking like Joseph’s cloak, I’ll be the bloke,

No joke

But then I think of the pain, the pain, the pain,


And when I’m ageing, skin dried and wrinkling,

An inkling

That I should have covered in kid’s transfers.

Over the Pacific: a poem


Fall out of plane



It happened over the Pacific

Probably Fiji to be specific

A tale almost too horrific

If the ending was not terrific


The plane twitched to its side

Something wrong with this ride

To hold on I tried, really tried

But out the window I did slide


I toppled to the darkest night

Screaming to earth in full fright

Parachute would help my plight

But the end for me was in sight


I let out an almighty scream

But something was on my team

An angel to save on the scene

“Sir, you’re having a bad dream”

O, Jasper: A Cat Poem




O, Jasper I’m so sorry for what I have done:

I surrendered you up to the local cattery,

I was selfish, thinking only of number one,

An act tantamount to assault and battery.

O, Jasper there is a void left in my heart,

I miss your licks, smooches, plaintive miaow,

That pat-the-ball game, it was so smart!

Our fun went on for hour after hour.


Jasper you ripped our lounge with no thought,

Spewed on our carpet, cried to break our sleep,

As arrogant as a model strutting the catwalk,

There is no way you could stay in our keep.


O, Jasper, who’s that in the cattery window

Smiling at me with a young lady cat in tow?




Black-shouldered Kite (3)


Don’t you wish you could fly?

Leave the ground and touch the sky?

Don’t you want to break the mould?

Be strong? Be brave? Be tough? Be bold?


There you lie, thinking of what can be,

Banal life preventing you to be free,

Weighted down by routine, daily pain,

A prisoner coupled to ball and chain.


So look for the wings within your reach,

Fix them on, so the sage would teach,

Be Pegasus, take flight towards the sun,

Don’t give up till you’re number one.