Four winds




Glad you’ve arrived –

Not a minute too late!


Look at you:

Waltzing in

Flitting about

Skirting the crowd

Twirling for all to see.



Is that you?

Titillating sails

Winking at waves

Flirting with flags

Refreshing to all.



And now you’re gone,

As fast as you came.

Fluky damsel!

Are you really

‘A breath of fresh air’?




Bellows fan Satan’s pyre

engorging the limp land

flaming prongs that

pierce Life.


Acrid, blackened sky

maelstrom of eucalypt burn

couple with Death’s crackle:

A bush holocaust.


Helicopters hover

like giant dragonflies

above a scarlet pool


the inextinguishable.


Ashen faces face

the Devil’s inferno

emboldened only

by their past.


And people wait

at their gate:

‘Will it slow?

Or will we go?’


Blow out, evil wind!

…I beg you.




Blustering in from Antarctic climes

Whitecaps on a simmering sea

Boats scuttle to safety

Like mice to holes



In winter: harbinger of colder times

Overcoats and beanies

Frosted ground

Land and Man



In summer: waking back porch chimes

Cooling frayed tempers

Turning bush fires






Watery wind

blowing from o’er the foam

Syphoning Life

from the oceans you roam.


Maritime mother

drawing us to your breast

Suckling the Land

with moisture on request.


Damp day

sky and sea

coalesce into grey.


The Love Song of a Little Leech




And here I lie on the ground,

Just waiting to be found,

Thousands of teeth at the ready,

In a slither of mucous jelly.


Hey, there’s no need for fright,

You really will love my bite,

I’m only a swipp’ry little sucker,

With one big, slobbery pucker!


So please keep coming – I won’t hurt,

Like Dracula, I just want to flirt,

Only a little blood will do,

Oh…I’m now so stuck on you!

The Pigeon (a sonnet)



What is the point of a pigeon?

Have you ever pondered this thought?

I’ve scanned the books, all religions,

And believe this bird to be a rort.


There you waddle, pecking at refuse;

Fat head bobbles, you coo and scratch;

And you can home (that’s no excuse);

Those other birds you cannot match.


But God must’ve something in His mind:

A niche, a role for you my friend;

In pity I wink, reason sure to find;

Stop this poem reaching a sad end.


But now white goo splatters my eye;

Then a wink from pigeon up on high!


Runny nose poem










O my Love’s like my red, red nose,
That’s newly sprung in June;
O my Love’s like an allergy,
That helps us snore in tune.

Now you’re so cool, my bony lass,
But so deep in snot am I;
And I will love you still, my dear,
Till all my sinuses go dry.

Till all my sinuses go dry, my dear,
And we can have some fun;
But I will love you still, my dear,
When again my nose does run.

So see you soon my only Love,
And see you, for a while!
And I will come again, my Love,
With one big snotty smile!

(Author’s note: Apologies to Robert Burns for the take on his poem ‘Red, Red Rose’)



Book lovers poem




I met her at a Barnes and Noble

She was young, I was much older

Coo-coo-ca-choo, she behind a folder

Our eyes then met, and I told her

I’m looking for a book

At a Barnes and Noble


We made love in a Barnes and Noble

It happened in the non-fiction section

Between Religion or History on reflection

No one noticed, no detection

Only the books saw the action

At a Barnes and Noble


We were married at a Barnes and Noble

It was literally a fine celebration

Filled with friends and the odd relation

Books and us – the ultimate creation

Books hailed our matrimony

At a Barnes and Noble


Our children live in a Barnes and Noble

Reading books is our only pastime

Other kids play Xbox, games of that kind

But this line I’m struggling to rhyme

I will get the answer

At a Barnes and Noble


This poem is brought to you

By Barnes and Noble

‘Book a Life’

At a Barnes and Noble.

A light at the end of the tunnel



When the darkness is so overwhelming,

Look to the stars above for some hope,

The glow in the eyes of a child playing,

Helping the mind restore and to cope.


There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,

A hope to help lift us from despair,

A hole for water to escape a funnel,

Letting us out when the world’s unfair.


You will enter a place of still solitude,

Peace and quiet, solace from all the din,

To get there you’ll need to show fortitude,

As this nirvana you will find is within.




You caught my eye as

I ran on by


I doubled back to

take a look


And in the shop you

peered at me


Statuesque, perfect

in every way


Like Bo Derek in 10

a vision splendid


Such style, such elegance

a Sophia Loren


The curves, the contours

Angelina Jolie


But then I noticed you

did not move