O, Jasper: A Cat Poem




O, Jasper I’m so sorry for what I have done:

I surrendered you up to the local cattery,

I was selfish, thinking only of number one,

An act tantamount to assault and battery.

O, Jasper there is a void left in my heart,

I miss your licks, smooches, plaintive miaow,

That pat-the-ball game, it was so smart!

Our fun went on for hour after hour.


Jasper you ripped our lounge with no thought,

Spewed on our carpet, cried to break our sleep,

As arrogant as a model strutting the catwalk,

There is no way you could stay in our keep.


O, Jasper, who’s that in the cattery window

Smiling at me with a young lady cat in tow?




Black-shouldered Kite (3)


Don’t you wish you could fly?

Leave the ground and touch the sky?

Don’t you want to break the mould?

Be strong? Be brave? Be tough? Be bold?


There you lie, thinking of what can be,

Banal life preventing you to be free,

Weighted down by routine, daily pain,

A prisoner coupled to ball and chain.


So look for the wings within your reach,

Fix them on, so the sage would teach,

Be Pegasus, take flight towards the sun,

Don’t give up till you’re number one.