Four winds




Glad you’ve arrived –

Not a minute too late!


Look at you:

Waltzing in

Flitting about

Skirting the crowd

Twirling for all to see.



Is that you?

Titillating sails

Winking at waves

Flirting with flags

Refreshing to all.



And now you’re gone,

As fast as you came.

Fluky damsel!

Are you really

‘A breath of fresh air’?




Bellows fan Satan’s pyre

engorging the limp land

flaming prongs that

pierce Life.


Acrid, blackened sky

maelstrom of eucalypt burn

couple with Death’s crackle:

A bush holocaust.


Helicopters hover

like giant dragonflies

above a scarlet pool


the inextinguishable.


Ashen faces face

the Devil’s inferno

emboldened only

by their past.


And people wait

at their gate:

‘Will it slow?

Or will we go?’


Blow out, evil wind!

…I beg you.




Blustering in from Antarctic climes

Whitecaps on a simmering sea

Boats scuttle to safety

Like mice to holes



In winter: harbinger of colder times

Overcoats and beanies

Frosted ground

Land and Man



In summer: waking back porch chimes

Cooling frayed tempers

Turning bush fires






Watery wind

blowing from o’er the foam

Syphoning Life

from the oceans you roam.


Maritime mother

drawing us to your breast

Suckling the Land

with moisture on request.


Damp day

sky and sea

coalesce into grey.


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