Man Bun: A Poem




I think I will grow a man bun,

A man bun, yes that will be fun,

Tie it high so it can fly,

I’ll be a modern kinda guy.


Pull it back like ole Ma Kettle,

That will really test my mettle,

Some may think it’s really girlish,

I think they’re only being churlish.


And in days of yore it was the go,

A perfumed wig to steal the show,

History shows there’s nothing to hide,

Be in touch with your feminine side.


And I’ve been told they can’t resist

The juxtaposition of brawn and twist:

Six-pack abs and rippling pectoral,

And a bun: the ultimate metrosexual.


So I hope there’ll be no strong derision,

I might even get a gig on Eurovision,

The bun instant fame it will render,

To get as many hits as Kendall Jenner.

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